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Social Media Business

In todays‘ Marketing, Social Media is mainly used for promoting online Businesses. Even small to medium-sized companies have discovered the advantages Social Media offers to them to promote products to their customers.

Especially when business owners start using Social Media Channels many of them are overwhelmed by their variety and do not know how to start and which Social Media Type is suitable for promoting their business.

In order to give you a better orientation, I like to give you in this article an overview of the most important Social Media Channels with their advantages. Here we go:


Today they sustain many business strategies: attracting employees, offer support for services, marketing. Some businesses have even many blogs segmented conforming domains, geographical regions or product series. Preferably, you should integrate your blog into your business website. Blogs require to post regularly written or video/ audio content.


This is an audio-blog. People usually listen to the program of the audio-blog while they do other activities. A good mix together with the written content on your blog.


Is the quickest method to build an audience – practical for building relationships with customers or networking. Everything you post is visible to all people. The search system works with hashtags, so you have to become a little familiar with the entire system.


Is the most important social network on the internet for business and relationships – those are built quickly and have a human touch. Marketing tracking is very detailedly, but you have to invest regularly in marketing campaigns to see results, so it can be expensive for your budget.


Social Media for specialists. Here you can post links to presentations, blog posts and portfolio.  It is useful for human resources, finding selling possibilities and B2B.


70% of users are women. People search actively to buy products on Pinterest and spend there on the average 1 h and 17 min. It is a very visual platform.


Is an extraordinary platform with many good characteristics especially google hangouts. The audience is between 15 and 34 years. Try to find a niche on google plus.


Is a channel for mass entertainment, which uses exclusively video material. Brands create mini clips for Youtube Channels. Youtube is the second big search engine on the market. Everyday people consume billions of clips, which are informative, entertaining or practical.


Is a platform, where you can post powerpoint presentations, which are good for google index.  Search for relevant keywords, when you upload your presentations.

Photo-Sites: Instagram and Flickr

They do not put limits on creating and sharing photo content. It is an entertaining and easy method to upload and consume photos quickly. The platforms are a great help for visual brands.


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