Success as well as failure can make us attractive

Photo by: Paul Keller

Everyone of us has lived success and failure. Independently how high we rank in the social hierarchy or how low, we wish to be successful people.

Once you have “tasted” from success, it becomes “something” you cannot live without. Successful people indifferent from their social position , in which they are, shine to the exterior, feel balanced and fulfilled. To the opposite nobody wishes failure, but surely everyone has lived it in one`s life at least once.

From some American Psychologists`perspective success as well as failure have the same perception to the people, who are surrounding: both make people sexy.

In an experiment, in which 82 people have taken part (men and women), they were presented by psychologist 4 case studies. In those there were a men and a women as candidates, which were applying their CV for a professor`s job. The two candidates were average attractive (the candidates were either successful/failure) and this by (their own merit/helped by others).

The 82 participants took part in a follow-up test, in which they were asked  to watch the photographs of the two candidates and they had to give their opinion if the two candidates, who were participating at the professor`s post were attractive as their appearance and if they like to get to know them personally.

In the four case studies the following results could be sum up:

  • When one of the candidates obtained the job on one`s one merit, participants perceived this one as being sympathetic but not in the case when the job was taken with the other`s help.
  • If the candidate was treated unfair and he was wronged, all hearts were flying towards one even if he was the one, who lost.
  • A candidate who took the job without his merit, was immediately pushed behind from the participants.

In the psychologists`opinion in this study it played an important role the sense for justice but also the believe in a fair world.

If people see that other people are treated unfair, they react towards them with sympathy and compassion.

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