Personal Development
The obstacles

The obstacles

Identify our resistances

When we resist, we cannot cope with a situation.

Identify opposing forces

When events seem to be stagnating and we feel at a stalemate, it is time to examine our behavior. It is probably unsuitable for the situation. We must question our way of acting and our intentions. Are they consistent?

Let’s track the devastating work of the ego

When the mind takes over, it takes us away from our true interiority. If we are vigilant enough, we can stop his chatter. We just have to realize that it is not us speaking but our ego. By taking a step back, we can lead to the terrain of fear, doubt or anger. The ego is very strong to take us to negative states. This is why we have every interest in refusing to give in to him. And we can do it.

Why do we always refuse the situation?

We tend not to accept things. Even in mundane situations, we tend to refuse: an opinion contrary to our own in a discussion can annoy us when it would be better to accept the difference of points of view. Let’s accept. Let’s let go.

We are dissatisfied

We fail to be satisfied with what we have, nor with what we are. We change computers when our previous station was working perfectly. Is it necessary? What motivates us to buy? We compare ourselves to others. Can we not consider ourselves as we are?

Let’s stop identifying with negative feelings

Internal disturbances often happen because we identify with an emotion or a belief. When we stop doing it, they go away. For example, a friend forgot to celebrate our birthday. This is the tragedy. We feel that he is no longer paying attention to us. Yet we know that he is not attached to these dates. But we prefer to “ruminate”. The more we think about it and the more we hurt ourselves. We must understand that we make ourselves sick by giving reason to our internal discourse. We must take a step back and observe this harmful thought that is eating away at us. Is it correct? No. Where is it from? Who is speaking? It is our ego. So, let’s stop proving it right.

We are imperfect

By recognizing our imperfection, we can more easily forgive our mistakes. Let’s accept that we don’t know how to do everything. It is by deceiving ourselves that we learn. We can overcome all obstacles, at our own pace, according to our knowledge. We are learning. Each difficulty is an opportunity to improve ourselves. Each test is a source of teaching.

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