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train cognitive ability perception

How do we recognize objects, people or animals?

This is a question of identity that means: how well does the way we perceive the world represent the real world?

And there are differences when we compare the real world with our perceptions, for example, we cannot “perceive” ultrasonic, x-rays, ultraviolet light, certain fragrances or radio waves. It becomes even more obvious when we consider perceptual illusions. Hereby I invite you to do the first exercise with me.

1. Exercise

In the following pictures, you will see a line with a different partition. How do you perceive the length of the partitions in each case? (Müller-Lyer 1889)


2. Exercise

In the next picture, you see an image with several doors and lines and squares. Focus on the thick lines. Which line is longer than the other?


3. Exercise

In the next exercise, you see a rectangle that is divided by a diagonal line. Which part of the rectangle is bigger than the other? (Poggendorf, 1860)

4. Exercise

Close your left eye and focus on the cross within the image. Distance your screen 25 cm from the eye. What do you discover? (Glynn, 1999)

5. Exercise

Look at the rectangles and describe what do you see in each case?


6. Exercise

In the following picture, you see a man. What happens if you turn the picture upside down?


The solution to each exercise will be revealed in the next post!

Next, I invite you to play the following free games to train your visual perception.

If you want to play some science-based interactive games to train your perception, I want to invite you to make yourself a profile on They have also a free version, but you can upgrade also to the premium version to make your brain fit like a sneaker!

Looking forward to reading your feedback in the comment section!

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