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Train your cognitive ability – REASONING

Train your cognitive ability – REASONING

The reasoning is generally associated with actions like thinking, planning, considering, and knowing. Reasoning requires a state of consciousness and be more or less directed.

Thinking describes informational processing and is often used to solve problems using a new combination of internal symbolic models.

But what is a problem?

We have a target in mind, but we do not know how to obtain it. There is often a barrier. Examples of a problem might be:

  • Chess
  • Writing a book
  • Planning a travel
  • Solving a mathematical problem
  • Making a device working
  • Buying decision

Good training for reasoning is to exercise the “Tower of Hanoi” game. The rules of this game are that you have to rebuild the first figure in the third line and that you should not put up a bigger piece on a smaller piece. Have a look here:

If you want to play some science-based interactive games to train your memory, I want to invite you to make yourself a profile on: 

They have also a free version, but you can upgrade also to the premium version to make your brain fit like a sneaker!

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