Why do we perceive things as human beings?

things human beings

We speak to plants, give cars names, and sleep with our smartphones.


Because we want to control what surrounds us, and we want to understand what is happening to our environment.

Therefore we tend to give things physical and as well as mental attributes like consciousness, intention, imagination, and emotions.

So it takes no wonder that we also created emojis to make a message more human.

But this way of seeing things as human beings is scientifically called anthropomorphism. It differs from culture to culture and from individual to individual.

And what does this mean for businesses?

People are keen to experiment with new technologies and believe that they are intelligent and competent. So they are able to help them with their daily problems.

Furthermore, our society has become an individualistic one, so that people who live alone perceive the technology in their environment as a replacement for other people.

And technological or technical products are often created to sustain this behavior. Products are equipped with human attributes so that people are more encouraged to buy them. A good example is the design of cars. People see them as being aggressive, submissive, childish, feminine or friendly.

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