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team work
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It is not easy to work in a team. And working in a team does not automatically mean that you are more productive. Team work has to fullfill certain factors:

  • no more than 6 team members
  • every member should be skilled differently, should have different abilities and attitutes and also a different experience – that means a person, who is passionate, creative and likes to work on a product, should combine with someone who is good in organisation and with another person who is good at selling
  • all members should have a common goal and common values and be motivated to work to achieve this
  • Do not mix too many persons with a dominat personality in a group, because this will create competition and not collaboration
  • People of the team should respect each other and accept also the other collaborators` point of view
  • In difficult situations a good portion of humour can help to get over them

But if the right persons are combined within a team, the effects of their work are numerous: a good group works in a better atmosphere, comes up with more original ideas and is also able to diminish the perceived stress level of every member, because you can rely on each other.

This is also the central idea of the following video, which gives you also some practical exercises on how to strengthen the relationships between the team members.

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