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Exercise I for Refocus

Exercise I for Refocus

The round of regrets imprisons us in the past. Anxious projections exile us to the future. Exercise I and Exercise II allow us to identify these mechanisms to better neutralize them. So let’s get started!

How to neutralize old projections

Faced with an anxiety provoking scenario, we learn how to master it. 

  • “Showing negative films maintains a devitalizing anxiety. On the other hand, a rooting conscious in the present allows you to be connected to all your inner ressources on the day you have to face a difficult event”, says psychotherapist Bernadette Blin, as a preamble to the next exercise, inspired by the Mandala of Being by Richard Moss.
  • Cut the sheet in a half. On one of the half write “Now”, on the other “Future”. Place them on the ground in front of you, leaving fifty centimeters between the two sheets. Stand up, in equal distance between the two sheets, close your eyes , and become aware of your body and the path of your breath. 
  • In front of the “Future” sheet, bring to your mind the scenario that concerns you. Concentrate your attention to the sensations and emotions that it generates in you (muscular tensions, alteration of the breath, dried throat).  Stand in front of the sheet “Now” and ask yourself: “How would I live without this story?” Feel in your body what causes the disappearance of the anxiety inducing scenario. Settle this new state of mind and savor it.
  • From the same place, but looking at the “Future” sheet, greet with compassion (and as it was a friend), the part of you that lives in fear and pain. Imagine taking him/her in your arms and say to him/her: “I am here with you”.
  • Looking at the “Now” sheet and say “My story begins now”.  





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