About “Selfitis”

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Photo by:Yunzhi Pan

If you make more selfies per day and post them on your social media account, it is possible to suffer from “Selfitis”.

This behavior was observed by Universities in Great Britain and India says that: it would be a disorder translating a narcissistic tendency to a lack of self-confidence.

Therefore I like to list here some ideas on the positive and negative sides of individual comparisons on Social Media based on Selfies:

  1. Comparing yourself to other people on Social Media can make you unsatisfied…
  2. We compare ourselves all the time with other people to know where we stand: “How sporty am I?”, “How beautiful?”, “How successful?”
  3. When we feel down we can compare ourselves to people, who are met by fate.
  4. Comparisons can motivate us, to improve our skills: we can feel inspired what other people are doing and take them as a model.
  5. But they can also make us feeling worse and creating envy, especially when we feel inferior to the other person, e.g. we perceive the other person more beautifully, successful…
  6. In most cases, we compare ourselves with people, who are similar to us – because we take as a reference our family or acquaintances, which are on our friends’ list.

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