The weirdest 10 business ideas

weirdest business ideas


Everyone who wants to launch a startup faces in the first line a difficulty in finding a suitable niche that works for building a big business. And because everyone needs to make clear for oneself what passionates him or her, what these strengths and talents are and how to overlay them with market niches in order to solve relevant problems and gaps, I want to give here some inspirational ideas of businesses on the market which sound weird but actually really worked out as being lucrative.

The weirdest 10 business ideas

1. Experience Hollywood

Has it always been your dream to travel to places you have seen in your favorite movie? This is the purpose of the New Yorker business named “Experience Hollywood”, which has brought in multi-million Dollars.

2. Something – Anything for 10 $

You pay 10$ and the company sends you anything randomly from their inventory: A cool gadget, a rare book, table game, handmade necklace, box of gourmet chocolate, popular video game, gift card, a set of kitchen knives… Every package you receive is a surprise, surprise!

3. Cat Cafés

Do you wish to spend time with a cat, but you do not want to have your own? Then take a visit to a café with cats! You have your moment of relaxation sipping on a delicious cafe while caressing a cute cat. This business model started in Taiwan and Japan and spread all over the world. What a cat`s life…

4. Pivot Plant

If you think about holiday you usually think of relaxation and de-stressing. But with this service, you pay for a holiday to try out another job. So what do you say about a holiday for personality development? Would you try this out?

5. Excused Absence Network 

We all feel sometimes demotivated and want to take a covered break from work or school. In these cases check out Excused Absence Network and you will receive your excuse note for 25$ looking as credible as your doctor`s note.

6. The million-dollar homepage 

Do you believe that it is possible to sell 1,000×1,000 grid for $1 each and become a millionaire? This business has proven this as possible even after a few months on the market.

7. Santa Mail

Have you always waited for Santa`s response to your letter? And it never arrived? This will no longer happen because Santa Mail sends personalized letters to children from the “North Pole”. So, 315.000 letters were sent to children since 2002.

8. Artemis Design Co.

Have you been traveling some time ago and did you come back with original souvenirs? Has something impressed you especially? This has happened to Milicent Armstrong, a trained interior designer while spending some free time in Istanbul, Turkey. She implemented the carpet design on handbags and shoes and was very successful.

9. The Honeybunch Shop

This business sells a fancy butter-like soap and bath bomb. What is special about it? The owner delivers her products on her own through entire New Zealand.

10. Knowledge for Men

Andrew Ferebee built a 7-figure online coaching business teaching men how to gain more success, freedom, and happiness in their lives.


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