What would you do differently, if you were…

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What would I do differently, if I was the person XY? How would I live? How would I behave? How think or feel?

I am sure, that you have put yourself at least one of these questions once.

Why? Because it is a human trait to compare yourself with other people you get in contact either in your daily life or you “meet” virtually when checking what is new on Social Media.

And I bet that you have felt miserable after that. Because we tend to compare us with others when we feel that we are totally crushed.

But what is wrong with that?

First of all, you have to know that no stranger gives a damn on who you are, what you think or feel. It is your own problem, a problem which you need to learn to handle in your own way.

How can you do that?

Hold on from daily hassles and observe the world around you! What do you see in your environment? How do you feel about it? How does your body react to it?

Then switch the perspective and ask yourself:

  • How do I see my life?
  • How do I react when I meet strangers, but dear people?
  • How do I organize my daily life?
  • What choices and decisions do I make, in which periods of the day? Which are the things I categorize as very important?
  • Who I am now?
  • How did I spend the last two years of my life? Have I used the time efficiently or not?
  • Which skills did I learn in this timeframe?

This is a way to move your point of view from comparing you with the others to finding a connection with your inner self. Because the only person you should compare with is your own person!

And if you want to be successful all you need to do is to work continuously on improving who you are! Only so you will discover what makes you unique and stand out in front of the crowd.



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