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When we think back to school time we remember a lot of funny things we did, what the colleagues said and what remarkable teachers we had. But if we are drawing a line and summarize the things we learned in school, which we actually make use in our daily life we find out that there are still a lot of things we wished to have in our school curriculum. In this article, I proposed to list practical things that could be interesting to learn even from the school period.

  • How to manage your personal finances: Why not including in your math lessons some basic bookkeeping calculations? This would help students understand much better how to manage their personal budget and taxes, how to use compound interest to grow their assets and how to save money and invest it in a clever way. Other interesting to know topics are: how to avoid debt, insurances and how to manage your finance during emergency times.
  • Literature and politics lessons try to teach kids critical thinking. But cannot be this extended to changing the kid`s mindset from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset? Additionally, teachers could implement pieces of training to foster creativity and self-awareness. These skills prepare kids from young ages and make it easier to step into entrepreneurship. Beyond this, they benefit from knowing competences of problem-solving, management of own mistakes and perseverance.
  • Self- Management becomes more and more important during isolation and home office. So why shouldn’t we have learned business skills right from childhood? This makes it easier to adapt to the changing demands of the work market. Beyond these skills, we count Productivity, Leadership, Time and Life – Management, People Skills, Sales, Marketing, Outsourcing, Public Speaking, Start-up, Negotiation Emotional Intelligence, Laws.
  • Self-Care is essential to find a balance between work and private life. Learning from a young age how to put limits can be very useful for life. The better the self-care competency is the better people know how to manage stress better and to build healthy relationships. Other useful things to know are parenting, self-defense, survival skills and maintaining mental health.


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