Ideas for holding a zen presentation

ideas zen presentation


Before holding a presentation we usually make some serious thoughts on how to prepare the topic in a way that makes it informative but also impressive to the audience, so that they still keep at least one main idea in mind when they leave the room.

A zen presentation is a form of transmitting your message in a way that makes it unforgettable for your audience.

And how can you do this? By taking your main idea over in the simplest way possible.

Sure you need to make use of your creativity because it can be pretty difficult to make your point in the simplest way possible and at the same time to capture your audience’s attention.

Think of what is your main message and how would you transmit it to one person you are talking to? So study your audience well before you step to the concept of your presentation.

Structure your presentation to bring over your message in the simplest way possible, do not overload your PowerPoint slides! Instead, write only ONE main idea on one slide, use a maximum of SEVEN bullet points with SEVEN lines of words and SEVEN words in each line.

…because less is always more!

Have you ever hold a zen presentation? If yes, I would be glad to hear your method.

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