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What are you doing for your dream?

What are you doing for your dream?

The dream we live is one of the great joys of life.

It becomes in time the reason why we wake up in the morning.

It’s part of us.

Our dream is also a responsibility.

Responsibility to practice.

And the dream grows every day.

By small but seemingly trivial actions.

We plant in it dedication, trust, love, hope, and at the same time effort.

An effort to overcome the challenges we face.

Especially those challenges that come from within us in those days when we lose all hope that we will succeed.

And we practice next to our dream.

Because it is healthy for our soul by meeting it.

Let’s give it time to get to know it better, but also to get to know us.

Let’s balance.

We need to meditate on ideas and projects.

We must combine the idea of self-transcendence with our acceptance and our limits.

The need to understand that you can’t make huge leaps every time.

Quite long breaks in which we deviate from the path to the dream.

And many times we have failed because we lack exercise.

Maybe the goal is too high for that moment.

Every day is a journey to fulfill your dream.

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