Why music is important for us

This morning I have turned on the radio to listen to some music while having breakfast. I do this almost automatically every day, just as a habit because it makes me feel good and I have a positive start in the day.

Between some really nice pieces of music after a while, one of my favorite songs started to play in: I want to break free – by Queen.

This band reminds me of my childhood every time I hear their songs and therefore I start to think about the past, situations, people, nice memories…

Exactly this makes music with us – it lets our minds wander and takes things we have left behind back to our today`s life. And we tend to like the music we used to listen to when we were young because this period of time is usually associated with positive memories from school, high-school, parties, friends, lovers and so on.

So music is a good escape from daily problems and stressful situations because everyone needs some moments of rest to be motivated to go on, that is why music is so important.

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