You are your own president

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The decisions from your life are only yours. Learn from your own mistakes and avoid to repeat them. Watch the mistakes of other close people and try to understand them. Learn about their mistakes and successes and adapt them how they fit to you.

Spend time only with pleasant people that surround you.

Firstly, ask yourself if you feel good when you are surrounded by them. If you do not like them, find someone else to replace them. If that someone wants to change oneself and to be content with what one wants to become then keep one close to you. If that person you like,  you feel close then try to keep this one close to you.

The result of your decisions won’t be seen in the majority of cases and maybe they won’t bring satisfaction at the beginning. On the contrary they will face a litte resistance in the starting point, giving you the impression that you have made a step behind. But when things are going to change, they will improve, maybe like you have imagined.

It is important that in everything there has to be a starting point. Some things will be solved easier, others on the contrary with much more effort and action. But it is important to try to stick to some rules, to believe in them and to follow them.

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