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4 techniques to savor the moment – part 4

4 techniques to savor the moment – part 4

Set your priorities

“What matters most to me in my life?” This is the first question to ask yourself.

To answer it, take a sheet of paper and list all the activities you do outside of your work and the basics of family life: sports, crafts, walks, television, shopping, parties, reading, cinema, gardening, associative life, volunteering… Then classify these activities into four categories: A. Is this activity vital for me? B. Is it important, but not essential? C. Is it insignificant? D. Is it a waste of time?

You probably discovered that you spend a lot of time doing useless things, which present you, in which you do not recognize yourself or no longer. Also, systematically eliminate from your agenda the activities placed in categories C and D. Then, reorganize your schedule around the activities of categories A and B, respecting these two basic rules: your priorities must be concrete and precise in order to be able to immediately appreciate the positive results; they must therefore be easily achievable, and contribute to your pleasure.

Benefit: This basic exercise will help you clear your mind, and inspire you to take ownership of your life and your schedule.

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