How can we conquer our fear?

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We are simply born with this sensibility. There is something inside us which, when it meets with something from the exterior, provokes an imbalance. We struggle, we shake with our entire body. We equilibrate on our own, helped by people around us or with drug intake. After that every time we think about a similar situation we have gone through we would not wish to live the same state.

Some people fear things what others just laugh about. But it is not just this way. Once gone through this situation nobody wants to live shocking states.  

There are some events or situations, which everyone of us derives in life and in unexpected moments. Unexpected experiences make us feel good or bad. They change the course of our lives.

Even when we are young we fear the loss of a close person, we cry when we do not feel his/her presence. We do not feel protected and this provokes us a state of discomfort. We are sustained by this person and later on even if he/she exists only in our imagination it is a sustainment for us. We cannot live on our own and the insecurity makes us feeling restless. It is not in our power to change something, we are too weak in front of this provocation. For everyone of us there is a fear and later on another fear. The other fears coming up later on in our lives we can conquer them of not depending on our own strength of character. Everything depends only on us. Everyone gives us the advice to try to conquer our fears on our own. Sometimes we make it, other times not. The fact that a person we feel close is near to us gives us courage to go on beside our fears.

The psyche functions well, it reaches where the fear has its root. The psyche finds the fear and tries to calm it down. And the fear obeys and leaves down in the prepared silence. We try to calm down comparing to a tranquilizer which we have just took in and starts to make its effect efficiently. With the time we feel good. It is good when we succeed to conquer our fears on our own, as long as we have this special “someone” with us. The fear of loneliness is the hardest of all and it exhausts our powers.

Under many other fears it is fine to treat them with superficiality and to try to keep them as good as we can under control. As much as this stays in our power.



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