Firstly, change in your mind the course of things. This helps you to take better decisions.

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It is said that 80-90% of the things we fear do not happen in reality. Because when we think negatively, we tend to think more and more pessimistically. The human mind creates the worst scenarios.

We enter labyrinths we hardly escape. The fear of not happing something bad to us makes us small, it takes our strength, the energy sinks, we do not think logically, we are paralyzed.

What could happen to us at all? We look frightened and without trust into ourselves. What inherit could we leave behind in the world we live in by trying to make some things?

There are not better or worse things compared to the others. They are facts we have the power or not to assume. Maybe others have lived them before us, this is sure. Maybe they have eat our brain even from the incubation phase without being able to escape from there.

The negative thoughts and emotions should not be left to be able to power you. You are the only one who can change the course of things. There are always solutions for anything. Everything stays in keeping you aware to be able to discover them rapidly. This helps you in going on.

What does change my negative thoughts and emotions?

First of all the thinking, because it is the engine for all the actions. It has to be used to change your current mood.

Secondly, what is depending directly on me and I find no other solution in the situation I am currently in is to dismiss the negative tension out of my mind, helping myself by my body. To escape to the outside, into fresh air, to have a walk. The moving banishes the inner tension from the body and relaxes yourself.

Negativism disappears. The energy state starts to appear and I feel more powerful and concentrated.



What are you helped by to change your negative thoughts and emotions?

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