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Let go in the body

Let go in the body

Letting go begins in the body

Our thoughts and feelings are constantly influencing our body. When we are plagued by thoughts that sabotage our morale, our bodies feel it.

It stiffens, contracts. On the contrary, when we are playful, our body is relaxed. Also, if we pay attention to our body, we can tell if we are okay with ourselves. It is a wonderful tool that teaches us a lot about ourselves. This is why we can also use it to get out of a situation that is a priori blocked. The body serves as a bridge to facilitate the passage between the exterior life and the interior life. He helps us let go. This is even the first step in really getting there. It is enough to pause to listen attentively and respectfully to your own body.

To let go in the body

By devoting six to fifteen minutes to relaxation, we will feel the release in our body. It is within everyone’s reach. You just have to try and practice. This exercise allows us to understand the meaning of letting go. By feeling it, we live it. We have an “instinctive” understanding of it, much more effective than any talk.

Listen to our body

To be able to listen to our body, we must first stop and take a deep breath. The relaxation is immediate. We can therefore be attentive to our feelings. Let’s continue the heavy breaths until the relaxation is satisfactory. Next, let’s direct our attention, for example, to a part of our body that seems tense. This tension is not there by chance. It is the consequence of our poorly assimilated experience. We can observe this tension, feel it to try to put words into what it is trying to say to us. So, if it’s our head that is aching, let’s direct our attention to it. Then, let’s take a step back and ask it how it feels. Expressions such as “This takes my head” can then arise. They are often very enlightening to unblock a situation.

Conflict in the body

When we are in a difficult situation, our body feels it. Each emotion is experienced at the level of the body. It is the place of all our conflicts. If we are afraid, our body trembles. It informs us of what we are going through. It keeps the mark of all our emotions. It teaches us about everything we have not understood and about our way of approaching life. When we can no longer see clearly, our body can reveal to us the causes of our discomfort. He has kept the traces of our difficulties. If we do not want to hear it, sooner or later it will manifest itself in disease or any bodily ailment, thus forcing us to think.

Respect our body

Throughout and as we pay attention to our body, we find that it is teaching us about ourselves. That is why we owe him deep respect and show it. We must, of course, take care of it, by having an adequate hygiene of life. It is a question of feeding it well but also of maintaining it correctly. It enjoys walking or playing a sport. Care must be taken to clean it, hydrate it, in short, pamper it. The goal is to show it that we love it and that we feel good with it. It helps to devote more inner attention to it, making regular appointments with it, just to be with it and only with it.


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