The result of what you are living now is somewhere in your past

Photo by: Ken Whytock

It is only a month of a year. It is only a day of a week. It is only an hour of a day and only a minute of an hour. The same with only a second from a minute. It is a second that runs like every other second from our life.

We take our decisions in only one second, decisions, which change our life course radically. Decisions we take suddenly following what was supposed normally to happen, forcing a little bit the course of things. Course which usually went fluently in one direction, the direction in which everything was supposed to happen at all. But time made it to play this way, not leaving a space for another possibility.

This situation in which you actually are is the motive you have lived for long, long time before. It is not a cause of what you have done yesterday or the day before. It is the result of what you have accumulated a month ago, two, three, half a year, a year, a year and a half or maybe two years.

You should not blame people around you for what happened to you. Consider the circumstances that brought you to the current moment were maybe not on your side. Think about the situation in which you have been put in a collaboration. Things have not developed at a certain time not good at all, the cause should not be searched a day or a month before, when the things started to get cold at all… You should search it with months before, because relations erode bite for bite.  The state of degradation comes to the point of erosion somewhere LONG before in your past without having maybe realized at that time point which had been the breaking point the relation. The relation of collaboration was not based on interests on both sides, the finalization was an expected one.

But now you have to consider that everything might be on your side . For example to the people who are next to you, what you individually can create, and do not let the others to decide for you. Do not expect anything without giving something in exchange and not to get what you need without investing something. Try to take your destiny into your own hands and to fight for what you can obtain. Because in life you win only if you fight.

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