What does remain us from a regret?

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There is no use in looking back to the past, because nothing steals you more energy than regrets.

We think, it is the thing we people succeed doing for many times when we are confronted with a situation. For many times we think but the result we come up with does not take us further. We sink and try to escape from some situations “without escape”.

We think chaotically, we cannot build us up. We ask ourselves a lot of questions, some of them we do not find a solution at all. Our mind is blocked, it refuses to be put to contribution. You try to look at the situation from many perspectives and you ask yourself that if it had been in another way maybe it would have been better for you. Maybe it had to be this way. Maybe it should have been this way.

The course of things would have evolved in another direction. A direction which have had brought you personally another perspective. The regret that “maybe it had been better if…” that eats all you personal energy does not bring you with another step forward. It does not motivate you. It only puts you in a negative situation.

The thought of escaping from there is popping up in your head but you do not have the power to do it right now. An inner force is still weak to escape you from the “chains” which “squeeze” you stronger and stronger. The discomfort you are confronted with gives you only an impulse to “escape” from the situation in which you feel the prisoner of your life.

Then you start again and again to put yourself a series of questions. How am I going to do this? What would the little action be the little step I could make to change the course of my day and also my inner mood? Sometimes the solution is right in front of us, other times the situation in which we are remains this way without finding once a solution for it.

And when it stays there without a solution and this does not affect us personally here and now this does not mean that after a time if we come back to that place we will not feel anything. Maybe not at that intensity, but somewhere in our soul there will be the big or small dilemma: “If… I had done or not…that thing…”


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