How we conform ourselves to shopping


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Every time I go to make some shopping with my dear mom I observe something very strange. I always thought that it must be a coincidence but it happens every time to us. When we enter a shop my mom`s attention gets captured by different products, so she takes a closer look at those.

4 ideas in how to position your product on the market

position product

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In business positioning is very important and an essential part of the branding process. Positioning means to create a product which has special and unique characteristics. It has to be different from what your concurrence offers. The aim is to offer exactly what your customer wishes according to one`s ideal.

How to apply Pareto`s principle in product branding

Pareto`s principle

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Pareto`principle says that 80% of the effects are caused by 20% of our actions or expressed in another way 80/20. This is not a law, because the quotient can be varied according to our actions. Especially, if we focus on the essential things when we act, a better effect can be caused by fewer actions.  This principle can be applied on many domains like the branding of your product.

5 instruments for testing your product on the market

In order to get to know what your customers think about your product you should test it before launching. Therefore you can conduct product tests to be able to compare and evaluate product characteristics subjectively.

How to use colors to evidence your product


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Do you want Your Product to be impressive for your clients? Want them to keep your product in mind for a longer period? Then you should give a careful attention on the exterior image of your product. And a special component in this sense is built by the color of your product.

The very first impression counts especially for the product you offer


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You have a product idea or you are up to launch your product on the market. Fine, then you might ask yourself which steps you should take for this direction. There are a few things to take into account when you launch your product. 

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