6 Secrets companies use to market their products successfully

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In this article I want to give you an overview over the principal 6 secrets companies use to market their product successfully. Here we go:

1. The Secret of Money

When you want to market your product, do not sell it cheap but give people the impression they receive the best value for them. People search to buy a product to make them feel worth a certain way.

2. The Secret of Self Love

Identity describes everything that belongs to someone labeled with one’s name. People, who identify with a brand will make an effort to get the newly launched products because they perceive it as being part of oneself or better said they see themselves one with that thing. Why? Just to appear more worthy in front of others.

Hint: Treat your customers like they long to be treated e.g. like your friends and you will see that they feel attached to your company. They will perceive it as their “home”, where they come back every time they need to.

3. The Secret of Speaking on your  Customer’s language

Get to know info about the customer’s background to use the info they give to you in your next marketing image to motivate them to buy. People will feel that you are on the same wavelength with them and that you understand their needs.

4. The Secret of Using Buzz-Words

Buzz Words are simple formulations with a call-to-action to make people buy. Here are some examples:

  • GET 10% OFF
5. The Secret of Branding

Having a company logo helps customers to build associations with it. This helps them to build in their imagination a brand image. If you position your product surrounded by items people feel good about, e.g. flowers or sunshine, nature… people will associate that kind of their feelings with your product. If you brand your product as a luxury brand, in time people will be open to paying more for your products.

6. The Secret of Memories

Advertising has the power to distort people’s memories. A good advertising strategy can win people back, who think that they had bad experiences with a product. So companies try to make commercials to encourage their decision that they actually had positive experiences with the product.

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