Memorable quotes from psychologists` world

Photo by: Derek Lee

I have listed in here some quotes of psychologists I have learned to most popular theories from.

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Do things, if they have to be done!

Photo by: Lestexian [샤니아빠]
There are many things you would not need to do them. There has to be always a change. You should start with little things, to be able to make always a step forward. Little and repeated steps could be helpful to you. The politics of big and rapid steps could not fit to you at the beginning. Changes you make could be a path you follow to achieve your ideal.

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Hope that the day of tomorrow will be a better one for you

Photo by: nebojsa mladjenovic

There are days in which nothing is working. There is nothing working at all. You try hardly to build something up but without any success.

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From a negative mood to a positive mood

Photo by: BK

It is morning and my clock ringing destroys my sleep. It is a day I start badly, because I have not waken up as I wished. And this has influenced my mood. My daily hassles make the day partly stressful. And this influences my mood. And I just turn into a negative mood, and once entered there I hardly manage to change the course of the day Continue reading “From a negative mood to a positive mood”

Your future has the root in your present

Photo by: Celestine Chua

I try to do things. The enrollment of their course is not written within a well-organized and prepared scenario. I do them, because I have to do so, or I try to put them off, if it is not necessary.

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In every experience there are hidden opportunities

Photo by: Mary Lee Hahn

I like to believe. I believe in every experience even if it is positive or negative. And I believe that every experience hides its opportunities in itself. For this reason every time i make a new experience I try to discover what this lecture offers to me at a certain time, what I can make out of it and if it helps me to apply in future. 

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Something about dignity…

Photo by: Charlotte90T

What does dignity mean for us and do will still need it today? Besides many other personality traits you find it somewhere left behind perhaps a little bit forgotten the word of dignity.

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