The world is in a continuous evolution. Adapt to it!

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The world evolves and we together with it. How would a world look like, in which all of us would have waited to get everything ready made without spending any effort?

Probably there would not have been any evolution. There would have been no information. And we all would have been overly depressed.
We looked arround and have taken an example from people who succeeded. We watched powerless people who evolved, we have not found our way yet. We cried. We made reproaches to ourselves. We have not searched for excuses, because we did not want them. Excuses would mean here to dig deeper into your mood. It is difficult to find your way to action. It is difficult to start and to find your way. You should not say that everything bad is happening to you. You should not victimize, because this drags you down. But you should be aware of the fact that life is a continuous fight.
A fight you firstly give with yourself to be able to handle you fears of failure. A fight to motivate you for taking action and perserverate. A tenacy fight to perseverate day by day to reach your aim. If you are the winner of this fight then start working. There is no easy fight. But if you do not try you will never know if you suceed.

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